Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Have Blogged

I guess this is my introductory entry, you know, where I say interesting, thought-provoking things so you’ll keep reading my blog.

Well, it's official, I have blogged. I had to add the word "blog" to my spell check though, and my computer is not even very old. I have had the blog set up since the fall, when on a whim I took a blogging workshop. It sounded so great that I decided I wanted one. So I got one. I was the proud owner of a blog. And then, I couldn't think of anything to say. I mean anything of import. I talk all of the time. I talk for a living. I write all of the time. I write for a living. I write for fun. I have three on line journals. For eight months I have tried to think of something to say, all the while spouting off to the world around me about anything that came into my head, so today, I spouted to my blog. The world can rest easier.

I guess I started a blog because I needed another outlet for my smartass attitude. My friends, family, and students will probably appreciate that I have someplace else to air my odd comments and opinions. For I have finally decided what my blog will be about, not the profound things in life, but my mundane observations, you know kind of like Jane Austin, but without the eloquent writing and beautiful dresses.

I had decided not to tell anyone the address of my blog, even though in the blogging workshop our instructor said that we should tell everyone, so they could read it, you know. But I thought, no way, I don't want people reading the fruit of the inner workings of my complex mind. So, I didn't tell people, and I didn't write. But now, to heck with that, I am not brilliant--hell, I don't even spell well, and blogging will not change that. Anybody bored out in cyberspace read away. Get it while it's hot.

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