Sunday, August 26, 2007


We went out to breakfast yesterday to our favorite French bakery. They only gave me one pat of butter for my croissant—can you believe it? And no, it wasn’t enough. You'd think the French would know better.

We parked behind an SUV with a license plate holder that said “My other car is a hybrid.”

So, does the hybrid have a license plate holder that says “My other car is a gas guzzler?”

Well, does it?

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today, I’m sitting in front of my computer wearing jeans and a sweater, and sipping a cup of piping hot tea. Brrrr.

No, it’s not actually cold; the fan running in the window is providing the only semblance of coolness. I’m pretending that it’s winter. I long for the cool crisp days, cold nights, and the occasional rain shower that means winter where I live.

It’s kind of sad that I’m doing this, as, if you check your calendar, it’s only mid August. It hasn’t even been a very hot summer; note the absence of whiny “it’s hot” blog entries.

No, my problem is, school starts in just a week and change, and my brain wants it to be cool and fall-like. In truth, it won’t be cool here until November at the earliest and January at the latest. Or even at all, like last year. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have turkey dinner amongst the colorful fall foliage, or Christmas with a nip in the air?


Now, where did I put those woolly socks?