Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Wait at the Ladies

All right, I have a question. Why does it take women so long in the public restroom? Yesterday I waited a full five minutes (and that’s not even a long wait) for a woman to vacate the bathroom. Now, I am a woman, and it takes me very little time to go in, do my business, and be out; I even wash my hands (this is one of my theories about why men take less time).

What are they doing in there--reading, washing and blow-drying their hair, grouting the tile, napping? What? A week ago a woman leaving the restroom with two large bags said, “I’m sorry I took so long, I had to change clothes.” I said that’s okay (though it wasn’t). But what I wanted to say was, “How many times did you change clothes, ten, twenty?” Really.

So, if anybody knows the answer to this question, please tell me. This is one of the many mysteries about my own gender that I have yet to fathom.


andi said...

Have you seen the movie "Secretary"?

Seriously though, I did ask my wife what women did in there and, besides making an acid comment about "washing our hands" said she had no idea. I gather that going in with your friends is to chat about 'girlie stuff', but as she's lucky enough to be able to go the loo on her own she can't comment further

gossamer said...

See, women do wash their hands in the bathroom, and we do suspect that men don't! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't figure out what takes women so long. No, I haven't seen "Secretary." Should I put it on my "must see" list, or my "must avoid" list?

andi said...

Depends on how broad-minded you are (for example there's an online community on which I'd not recommend it :-) - not sure, There are good performences from Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, and the plot has more to say about where the power lies in certain types of relationships. I'd put it on my 'watch if I get the chance' but not in front of the kids.

To prove the other point. I was in the loo today at work and one of my colleagues came in, did what he needed to, rinsed his OTHER fingertips (he's not left handed) uner a cold tap for 5 seconds and went back out. I wanted to scream at him 'USE HOT WATER AND SOAP!!'

gossamer said...

I have a personal theory that all children and some men are actually allergic to soap.