Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yesterday, while driving, my husband read out a sign that said, "Five hotdogs for four dollars."

I responded, "It would take more than four dollars to get me to eat five hotdogs."

More like a thousand a 'dog, I'm thinkin'.


Kazuki said...

Same here. I've surprised myself with how much I don't eat anymore.
I've unconsciously restricted myself to Asian food and soups and salads.
Oh yeah and chicken. I don't eat any other meat really.
I didn't even think about it and now that's just what I like to eat on a regular basis. I think it may have been influenced by all my vegetarian friends and Japanese friends. Haha.
Oh yeah and you have a friend of mine in your Asian History class. Karen. I can't remember her last name for some reason but I think I told her to say hi. So hi anyway. Bye.

gossamer said...

You need to eat more--or you will waste away! Healthy is good, but....