Sunday, October 05, 2008

The LA Times today said that Sarah Palin said that Barack Obama will "pal around with terrorists."

Does someone actually believe that?

Really, I want to know.


andi said...

Simon Schama was writing in the Radio Times here this weekend and expressing the opinion that Sarah Palin "makes George Bush look like Karl Marx".

He also pointed out about McCain that the actuarial statistics on men in their 70s who've survived skin cancer is not good - so people need to remember that if McCain drops dead in the first few months "Sarah Palin would become the 45th president, which is sobering"

Fortunately I live in the UK, so I only have to deal with the peripheral fallout of this.

gossamer said...

Unfortunately the whole world is currently living with the fallout of the failed Bush administration right now.

Yes, I wake up screaming each night in fear that Palin has indeed become president.

And Andi, it's great to hear from you!

eda said...