Friday, November 24, 2006

Sweet Potatoes

My post Thanksgiving thoughts are all about sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes you say; isn’t Thanksgiving a turkey holiday, you say? Maybe, but today, my thoughts stray to sweet potatoes.

First, after peeling the fourth sweet potato, I turned to my husband and asked, “Do you think this is enough sweet potatoes?” He asked, “Who likes sweet potatoes?” I said, “No one.” He said, “Then that’s enough.”

Second, while transferring the butter and maple syrup glazed sweet potatoes to their serving dish, my mother in law said, “You better tell people that they’re sweet potatoes and not carrots so they’ll eat them.” See comment above.

Third, I flinched when my mom said, “Pass the yams.” I’m not saying it again people—they’re sweet potatoes, not yams. Chances are, you’ve never eaten a yam. Yams aren’t grown in the United States. Yams aren’t eaten here, unless you eat a lot of Asian or African cuisine. Your grocer lies to you. “Yams” are a marketing ploy ‘cause some yokel wanted to differentiate between his sweet potatoes and some other yokel’s sweet potatoes, so he started calling them yams. They’re not yams. Go to your recycling bin and take out that can of “Candied Yams” and look at the ingredients: yep, it says “sweet potatoes;” nary a yam in sight.


SUEB0B said...

My sweet potato recipe involves lots of butter, tequila and lime juice. And people eat them up!

I also have one that involves making a chile paste from dried, toasted, soaked chiles, but it takes forever so I almost never make it.

gossamer said...

People really do like my sweet potatoes--they're good with butter and maple syrup. I prefer them made into tempura, but your recipes sound great!

Anonymous said...

I love sweet potatoes. I could eat them almost every day. Oven roasted in their skins, split and slightly mashed with loads of olive oil and black pepper. They're nice with butter, but I have a divergent interface with dairy products

gossamer said...

I am also lactose intolerant--but butter seems okay.

I do like them tempura-ed best anyhow--though both blue cheese and goat cheese are good with them roasted!

My mom actually loves them, as does my mother in law, so we had very little left over.