Friday, March 16, 2007

Today is a sad day, because today R2D2 died. I know this because the postal service has issued a stamp for him, and the postal service only issues a stamp for people who are dead.

To commemorate the release, the postal service painted three local mailboxes like R2D2 and had them guarded by Storm Troopers.

Nice to know we still have a sense of humor.


David Daymude said...

Wait a Minute! If that is the case then R2D2 had to have died 10 years ago! I saw Kenny Baker at Comicon just two years ago, so I know that is a lie. There must be some kind of conspiracy going on here. Our government wouldn't lie to us. Would they?

gossamer said...


Of course they made an Elvis stamp too, and we all know he's not dead.