Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well, I watched the network news a few days ago, which is ususual, since they only thing on the network news I generally watch is the weather, which I watch obsessively, and the lead story was about some luggage handlers who stole Paris Hilton's $100,000 wristwatch.

I have three questions regarding this:

First, since these were not luggage handlers at my local airport, why was it on my local news?

Second, why on earth would Paris Hilton pack something so valuable in her suitcase, and not wear it, or carry it on?

Third, and most important, why would any watch cost $100,000, and if it did, why would anyone be foolish enough to to buy it?


Anonymous said...

The second two questions are answered thus: stupidity & because she can.

gossamer said...

Yes, perhaps I'm just tired of that way of thinking and those types of people. Any chance they'll just go away and leave the rest of us alone?