Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How can a woman, who rarely wears them, own so many pairs of white socks?

My drawer is full of them. Why don’t I have blue, green, black, and brown--colors I actually wear?

I could wear stockings of course.

Yeah right.


andi said...

Weeeeellll, there are stockings and stockings. There are or course also white socks and white socks which producethat look of course. Do you own much plaid?

There, tone lowered! Happy Christmas!

(did I send you a copy of the cat's seasonal letter btw?)

gossamer said...

Nope, no plaid :).

Yes, I do have those types of stockings, but they really don't work for an afternoon out shopping--not for me anyhow; they're more after hours, if you know what I mean....

And, yes, I got the charming cat's seasonal letter. I'm still working on my New Year's letter, and I'll post it here.

Darth Fuji said...

because socks you never wear never get worn out, or lost, or stolen by sock gnomes, etc. =)

btw, happy New Year's!!!

gossamer said...

Sock gnomes--that explains it! And I thought it was offerings made to the Dryer Goddess.

Happy New Year.