Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comedy Central Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Signs (some are better than others):

Go Vote Yourself (I want a tee shirt with this on it) (this is my husband's fave)

Who Brought the Fried Chicken Y'all (my son's fave)

I'm a Radicalized Moderate and I'm Mad as Heck (this might be my personal fave)

Obama won't force Muslims to worship Jesus, so I'm voting Tea Party (my husband likes this one, presumably for its astonishing lack of tolerance and reason)

God Hates Hate

Moderate to the Extreme (another fave)

Faux News

Pimp my Gov

Here are the moderate Muslims (with a down arrow held by folks in Muslim garb with big smiles :))

Think Outside the Fox

Palin Would Have Quit

Why am I afraid?

Proud to be non-affiliated

Everybody Poops

Be Radical

Papa Smurf 2012

Team Fear

I believe in a sanity clause

Think for Yourself

I think/ Therefore I am (I assume this is on the reverse)

One of Us

Ecology Precedes Economy

Yes To Genocide to End World Hunger

Unite for Sanity in America

I'm High as Hell and I'm not Going to Take it Anymore

I Have Bed Bugs

Team Human Being

Team Sanity

Tea Party (crossed out) Coffee Party (crossed out) Funk Party

I'm Afraid of YOU

Illinois Neuroscientists for Sanity

I'm for Sanity

Alaskans for Sanity

Jon 3:16 (yes John is spelled this way)

Congressional Smackdown: Is this what it's come to?

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. Albert Einstein

Moderates for better government

Are you sure you locked the front door?/Do you know where your wallet is?

Disagree--Don't criticize

Don't feed the bears (politicians' faces on the bears--Palin, and maybe Barbara Boxer?)

You can't fly with just a left wing

A rally beats housework any day

I'm Cuckoo for Sanity

I'm Not Crazy

Witches Bitches Bears

Another Crazy Utah Mom for Sanity


Keep Fear Alive and Restore Sanity (both on pumpkins)

War Solved Hitler

Health Care Reform, Probably not Euthanasia

Give Quiche a chance

Stop Hurting America

Balance not Bombs

United Against the Robots

Moderates Like it Both Ways

Hitler is Hitler (with two photos of, well, Hitler)

Montolio for Dictator

This is like totally our Woodstock

Good things are good, bad things are bad

Win/win solutions

Death to Nobody

Serenity Now

Don't Tax Our Tans

Be sane, not inane

Wouldn't it be nice if we could restore sanity? It all depends on whether we still have enough sanity to restore. I'm a little worried that there isn't enough left to go around. I think we've squandered it over the last 10 years. When was Fox News founded? Or should we trace its loss all the way back to the Reagan administration?


Unknown said...

Do you have a picture of the "I am a radicalized moderate and I'm as mad as heck" one?

gossamer said...

I wish I did! Unfortunately I wasn't there; I was just watching it on C-span. Probably someone on the Internet has one. YouTube?

Unknown said...

I was just wondering. See, my dad had that poster, and apparently the quote went viral, and we're trying to figure out if it was only him. So, was the poster an obnoxious neon yellow with some pink and some black lettering?

gossamer said...

My son (who has a much better memory than either my husband or myself) doesn't think so, but my husband thinks it might have been your dad's sign. How's that for completely unhelpful?

I think they may have both seen the same sign in different light, or just not be agreeing on the colors, which happens all the time. Darn, I really want to see the sign again. Maybe C-span will replay it?

So cool that your dad's poster has gone viral--it was definitely my favorite one--that and "go vote yourself."

Tom J said...


Hi, apparently you've been tweeting with my daughter. Anyway, I'm the guy with the radicalized moderate poster at the Sanity Rally. We have been astonished at the widespread publicity of the poster; friends have told me they saw it on C-Span or heard it quoted on NPR. At least a dozen people took my photo at the rally, one of them ended up on the internet here:

BTW, some enterprising on-line capitalist (not me!) apparently is offering T-shirt copies of the poster. I feel like Arlo Guthrie in Alice's Restaurant (it's a movement!)

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it! It was a great experience, a beautiful day full of excited & happy people.

Tom Jordan

gossamer said...

Tom, Yours was my favorite poster there, so I'm not surprised so many others liked it. T-shirts too--you're famous now!