Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is my car's birthday. I almost didn't buy it in orange. I mean, maybe it was just a seasonal thing? Maybe a bright orange car isn't a good idea? I mean, I don't work for the secret service, but I can't EVER be sneaky.

And there's always this: "There IS a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

But, I can always find my car in the parking lot. People can always find my house, "It's the one with the orange Fit out front." And it's cute, don't you think? It dresses up pretty too.


Chloe (chloeishere) said...

I have the more normally colored sapphire blue Fit. :D I love it too!

gossamer said...

Everyone Fit owner I've spoken to loves theirs. The owner of a red Fit in Tucson thinks they will be classics!