Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tonight's TV viewing:

"Mom, Mom, quick, it's Sarah Palin's Alaska."

"Okay, I need to make a drink for this--I'll be right in!"

Oh, please God, let her be hunting moose. Damn, it's caribou, oh well.

Sarah talks about "hunting and gathering for a living." Are you telling me that they actually depend on food that they catch like "Native Communitites" (Sarah's words)?

Oooooh, now we're looking at her Dad's collection of skulls--mink, bear, wolf, cougar, fox, wolverine, weasel, lynx, goose, and duck feet--I'm awestruck.

Sarah and her dad are going caribou hunting in harsh weather conditions--suddenly it sounds like Elmer Fudd, and "vewy, vewy, dangewous."

Cute prairie dog--my son fears that they will shoot it. The cute rodent escapes!

I need more alcohol.

Now, we're meeting a woman who lives at latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, not at a town or an address. She prefers "blood and guts to diamonds." Ah, okay. I'm not a big fan of diamonds either, but INDOOR PLUMBING?

Now, there's a bear story about how she (the woman with no address, not Sarah Palin) was injured by a bear and had to sew her own head "back together." Hmmmmm. Then, she went out and shot the bear, and ate him apparently. Well, goodness, I hope so.

Now Sarah is lecturing us about being careful while hunting, because they're "alone out there" (except for the ten person camera crew.) My son wants to know if they're hunting Ruskies; he reads too much Bloom County--pinko liberal wannabe.

My son wants to change the channel or watch something from Netflix (or apparently anything that is NOT Sarah Palin hunting caribou).

I said, 'What could possibly be better than this?" I am serious.

He replies, "C-SPAN."

My husband replies, "A sharp stick in the eye?"

I guess, it's Glee. Sigh. I have been outvoted.

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