Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Figs, revisited

My neighbor Jack, of “Jack and the Broomstick” (6/30/06), just brought me another bucket of figs. It’s the second this week. He so has my number.

A student, Wes, stopped by office hours today and delivered a bag of jujubes, not the candy, but a delicious fresh fruit. A few weeks ago, he brought Asian pears. I am such a lucky woman.

Happy Birthday to a person who wishes to remain anonymous. Don't worry--she knows who she is.


andi said...

"I fear the neigbours, even when they bring fruit"

All joking apart, I love FIGS too, but here they are really expensive and come in packs of 4 only. You get a bucketful of 'em.....

gossamer said...

Well, I do live in Southern California afterall. We are the land of fresh produce, so yes, we get spoiled. I have orange trees, lemon trees, a plum tree, and two apricots in my yard alone. I used to have a fig--now I am dependent on the kindness of neighbors for figs.

Cheer up, I can't get a proper cup of tea outside of my own kitchen to save my life! Bet you don't have that trouble?