Monday, October 02, 2006


Finally the cruelest month is finally over—September. Yes, I know that March is supposedly the cruelest month, but not around here. March is one of the best months where I live, but September is the worst month. It starts out hot and humid and it ends hot, dry, and windy.

I have no money in September, because even though I’ve been working since late August, I don’t get paid until September 30; it is one of the joys of working for the gov.

Football season starts in September—need I say more?

The only good thing about September, besides it finally being over, is my wedding anniversary, which we missed this year because my husband was out of town.

No, September is definitely the cruelest month.

Besides, it can’t be March; my birthday is in March.


Darth Fuji said...

Since when was March the cruelest month? How can anything be crueler than August and September? Or the winter months for those in colder climes. Or is that like monsoon season in some places?

Darth Fuji said...

Oh, btw, this is Daniel =)

gossamer said...

Daniel, by your user name--I should have guessed it was you! Nice to hear from you. Traditionally March is called the "cruelest month" because spring seems so close, the buds start coming out on the trees, and then a storm will hit and remind everyone that it is still winter. You are from SD and so, you don't see it that way. It's cruel because it promises something (Spring) that it takes away.

gossamer said...

Ah, a quick internet search reveals that the cruelest month is apparently April, at least according to TS Eliot. I still disagree--it's definitely September!

Darth Fuji said...

Ah, that makes sense.

gossamer said...

It's funny. March showed up more often as the "cruelest month" in my google search, even though the expression originated as "April." I think people simply think March is worse (not where we come from obviously). So I guess I was a victim of the media!