Monday, December 11, 2006

New look

Well, I finally broke down and upgraded my blog. I didn't want to. Blogger made me. I find this particular template to be uninspiring. I wanted one with green in it. The green one had white print, which gave me a headache. I almost chose the one named "Jellyfish," not because it was great, but I did like the name. I love jellyfish. To look at. Not to eat. I am very allergic to jellyfish. Really.

Anyway, this may not be the final look of the blog. Blah blog. Blahg.


Bonnie said...

ok, so how do you know you're allergic to jelly fish? Do you eat them? or pet them, or what?

Just curious! :- )

gossamer said...

Well, normally I just admire them in aquariums (aquaria?), but I did once eat them in a dim sum restaurant, and got very sick, so that's how I know I'm allergic. It's not like people who are around cats sneeze, though I suppose that I might swell up if I pet them too; I've just never had the opportunity to do that.