Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Salsa Shoes

Recently my husband I started taking dance lessons. We started with Swing, and it went well. We attended a few workshops, Polka, Waltz, and a Rhumba class. All went well. We practiced, we practiced with friends who know how to dance, and all went well.

Then we tried Salsa. In a class, in a workshop, in another workshop, with videos. No dice. What was wrong with us? Everybody can Salsa, right? Why can’t we? Are we too old? Too “white?” We could Rhumba--that’s Latin.

After much head scratching, I finally figured it out. It’s clearly my old dancing shoes. I have the wrong shoes. I have Swing shoes. I need sexy new Salsa shoes—high heels. That should solve everything.

Now, if they don’t work, will I be able to return them?


andi said...

I don't dance. This is a policy statement rather than a comment on my ability. I don't know if I can dance because I don't. My wife would, I sometimes think, like to dance....

gossamer said...

Sounds like you have a great opportunity for a romantic surprise. We started taking lessons to celebrate our wedding anniversary. My husband didn't dance either--but now he loves it too.

Karen M said...

If you order your shoes online from, you have a year to return them for any reason.

I suppose that not solving your salsa problem would be as good a reason as any other. ;~)

gossamer said...


I've seen and the deal sounds great. Have you used them and been happy?

The salsa is getting better by the way; it's gotta be the shoes.