Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Fate Worse Than Death

The worst thing that can happen to a girl happened to me last week--my signature scent was discontinued. I stood in front of Janet, at the perfume counter, and tears welled up in my eyes up as she sprayed a variety of new scents on little white sheets of paper.

I need to find a new scent. One that says who I am, in that special way only a signature scent can. I could just go to the lead scent in the house that created my signature scent; it’s a good scent, I’m just not sure it’s what I’m looking for. It’s not quite complex enough, and women always want to feel complex.

I could go back to an older scent that I used to wear. I lean toward the “Oriental” scents—there’s a big surprise—but most of them are a bit sexy for daytime wear. Also, not really acceptable for work.

I did have an intelligent conversation about perfume and perfumeries with Janet, and my husband was quite impressed. As I explained to him, I have been a girl for a long time.

He said that he thought it was working for me.


Lisa M Lane said...

I, too, have been a girl for a very long time, but wouldn't know a signature scent from a hole in the ground. Actually, I know holes in the ground fairly well....

gossamer said...

We really need to work on that girl thing. I have been trying, and I think you're coming along nicely.