Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My son wanted a kitten. He wanted a kitten more than anything. He now has a kitten, and the kitten is driving him crazy.

He is covered with kitten scratches (as am I, but I didn't want a kitten).

My son is currently in charge of keeping the kitten out of trouble. My twelve year old son swears that the kitten can teleport, because he cannot keep up with him.

Karma is so sweet.

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andi said...

Wrong, cats cannot teleport. Cats are pandimensional. Cats exist outside of the normal rules of space and time. It is quite possible for your cat to be upstairs and downstairs at the same time . When you let the cat out do not be surprised to see it asleep on the sofa. Material structures are no barrier to cats.

Cats are only the extrusion into our dimension of strange and subtle hyperbeings, who for some reason are mainly interested in sleeping and leaving dead voles around.

Strange but true...