Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr. First Lady?

If Hillary wins, and I’m not saying she’s gonna, and I don’t know if I’ll vote for her myself (I’m still a bit bent over the whole Iraq thing), but if she wins, will that make Bill First Lady?

If Bill is First Lady, will he stay home and bake cookies?

If Barbara Bush had said that to me, I might have punched her. This is why I could never be in politics. I tend to say what I think, and react like a normal person instead of diplomatically, or with thoughts as to how these words/actions will play on the 5:00 news.

Of course, I also have a checkered past—so no politics for me. But hey, I can whine about it here with no repercussions, and whining is what I do best.

Maybe Bill could be Vice President? But then would we still call him Mr. President, or would we have to call him Mr. Vice President?

Aren’t you glad that I’m around to sort out the difficult problems?

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