Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer to do list #4

So, I was tooling around the internet today (yes, I know that I could have spent my time more effectively, but hey, I’m having a trying day, so get over it) and came across a hyper-efficient planning system. It can be used either electronically or with that new-fangled invention paper.

This system covers everything from daily appointments, to ranked to do lists, to long term goals and projects. It might even make hotel reservations for you and return emails.

It seems that everyone is getting organized these days. Even my dance teacher has a comprehensive list of activities that she hopes to accomplish each day. I don’t know if she has everything planned down to the minute, but it certainly sounds that way.

Well, I was thinking about all of this organization and planning, and general efficiency, and I came to a conclusion: this all sounds a lot like work; I am currently philosophically opposed to work of all kinds.

So, I have something else to add to my summer to do list:

#4 get disorganized.

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